Meet the Sponsors

Sponsors allow and are instrumental to our being a team. Many of our sponsors have similar missions to  inspire talent and retain talent in their organizations. Phoenix Force allows the sponsors to connect with potential new talent as potential interns who stay with them long term as Sponsors become part of our  Force  - The Phoenix Force. 

We work with our Sponsors to demo our Robots, work with team to provide awareness on their brand name and mission within our schools.  Our Sponsors get to foster the community with their support and it allows for their long term growth. They are supporting the talent that in future will innovate for them and bring ideas and patents to the Sponsors. 


The mission of Stemforce is to oversome barriers and empower our youth to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that underrepresented students have the opportunity to explore, learn and thirve in the field of STEM. 

Phoenix Force is one of the many FTC and FLL teams being sponsored by this Non-Profit. 



The mission of WhizAI is to deliver insights directly into the hands of business users empowering decision makers to drive more informed and faster business decisions at lower cost. Welcome to the future of the augmented consumer! 

Artificial Intelligence is the the "Next" Normal. Reach out to Whiz.AI for your needs. 

Almost 95% of colleges in North America now offer a Artificial Intelligence course. 

Phoenix Force is using AI for our robot mission!

CDO Magazine grew out of MIT’s annual CDO and Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ). There vision and mission are to be the premier global publication, giving a voice to global leaders in strategic data management and analytics capabilities that form the foundation and core of the digital age. The publication delivers C-suite-worthy format and content quality — the insights essential to accelerating organizational adoption of the enterprise disciplines necessary to be successful in the new digital society.  

There vision on enabling data talent is directly aligned with supporting teams like Phoenix Force where students learn data from IIOT devices to control robots in a competition.   

Data is worthless if it is incorrect. Inaccurate and incomplete data is useless and ultimately become a dangerous legal, PR and financial liability. Paying attention to this critical issue can save a company millions. First Eigen is a Data Quality Software company on mission to automate data quality using Artificial Intelligence.  They are bringing awareness of data quality at a very early stage with high school teams like Phoenix Force where students learn the importance of correlations of quality of data, processes and results.

They specialize in the latest Holographic, Augmented & Virtual Reality technologies on the market! HoloLens, Vive, Oculus, GearVR coding and business usage.  The technological evolition of the immersive human-to-machine interface is being redefined - we at HOLOSOFT are shaping that future. 

They are one of the 1st and best  software development partners located in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison area. They are known to provide  clients with senior-level teams and enable them to transform their digital infrastructure. One of the best things about them is their work culture which is focused on treating their "talent" right. No wonder why everyone from high schools in the area dreams to get internship with them!  Reach them at Nvisa.