How Can You Help Make an Impact for more Women in STEM?

              Consider to Fund Our Vision of 50% of more girls in engineering fields.

                       Your next I-Phone or Next car designed by women engineers.

We depend on sponsors, fundraisers, grants to run our robotic club and buy parts needs to compete in the state and national competitions.  We are a team that operates from a basement from one of the mentors house and have students that are very dedicated to our mission of awareness of First Inspires across our community. 

Provide us the "Source" to be a Force  - The Phoenix Force. 

All your donations are Tax Deductible for our Non Profit Organization. Our EIN number is 88-3990094

Sponsors who sponsor $100 or more will have their company name proudly displayed on the backs of our club T-shirts,  and your company name placed on our website and have business cards displayed at our outreach events.

To join our sponsor family is very simple. Provide your name, company and mission. Your company can sponsor by funds, outreach events, company visits, being a mentor and above all by providing internships to students from our and other FTC teams in your area. 

Please Use our One Click Process Linked Directly to our accounting processes.

                                                     We as a team are sponsored by a Non-profit called STEMFORCE


You can also buy our team logo hats and T-Shirts for awareness and marketing on STEM in your local community, company events or local sports events. 

Supporting more Women in STEM will take everyone around us.

Wear a CAP for It?

Check out "How to Help" and Buy Products from STEMFORCE website Directly.

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